Consultation and planning services are available and are normally charged at an hourly rate. This can be as much or as little assistance as is required, some groups may need a few hours help to write an event risk assessment - where as you may need a six month project manager to plan, program & run a week long festival.


All projects will be considered and quoted accordingly. Once we've had a chat about it with the client and we understand exactly what you want and the time frames, we can provide a tailored quote. These are always free to you and there is no obligation.


Get in touch with your specific needs and we can be working together on your epic event as soon as you click send!







* Photo: Zoë Sparkle and the team in the early days, planning and creating a full time live music venue. We started with an empty room and in a matter of weeks we had a fully functioning live music venue welcoming over 400 people its first night!