An introduction into what we're about.



Zoë Sparkle Event Management is, surprisingly, an event management company run by Zoë Sparkle! The company began back in 2009 and since then has collaborated with some very talented and creative freelancers as well as established professional groups. We've had experience in a wide range of events on a very varied scale.


As well as many small independant festivals, we've worked at big commercial ones such at Boomtown in Winchester, a 38,000 strong event and also the Canterbury festival Lounge on the Farm. We've also taking our bespoke stage The Festival Folly to the boutique South London festival 'HOPE' for 6 years running and are looking forward to our seventh in June 2016. 


Over the years we've also assited in community events working closely with charities and councils. One of the charity projects completed was a young person organised skate competition run un Maidstone's Mote Park, funded by Youth in Action and aimed at bringing young people together in a positive and productive manner to run a community egagement project. 


One of the biggest projects taken on in recent years was the creation of Maidstones' own live music and alternative venue. It was built from the ground up with very little budget by Zoë towards the end of 2012. With the help of the same amazing people we are still working with today, the Rafters came into life on December 1st 2012. We were responsible for all aspects of the entertainment from the equipment supply to marketing, to the bands perfoming each and every week.


All companies and individuals that partner up and work with Zoë Sparkle have a passion for providing quality services and support with the highest level of customer service.